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Your Best Guide to Dover Water Damage Remediation

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen with equipment place around the damaged areas Water damage restoration is no DIY project. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size disaster.

The Risks of Poor Water Cleanup in Dover Homes

It is not uncommon to be among the Dover homeowners that seek to provide the cleanup and repairs that your home requires to the best of your abilities. While this can save you money and prove a frugal and educational approach to owning a home, it is not always the best approach. When you get faced with water damage incidents, the spread of the damage can be much farther than the surface might show. Inadequate cleaning and drying of water damage can prove destructive and hazardous to your property and those that live within it.

The trouble with DIY water cleanup in your Dover home is that many homeowners have little idea of their success in removing all of the moisture and dampness from affected materials. It is often more complicated than mopping and toweling up water from the floors. Pooling water can penetrate flooring joints and seams, wick up drywall, and entirely ruin ceiling materials depending on the source of the water damage. Without the experience and appropriate equipment, much of this damage can go unnoticed by even the handiest of homeowners.

Our SERVPRO team offers a thorough inspection of the property from the time that we arrive so that we are never unaware of the extent of the water damage that we face with the cleanup. While surface water might get addressed with mops, we also have to address the damage to exposed materials to prevent their degradation and warping. We have equipment such as our large drying mats and weighted remote-controlled extractors that can help to pull moisture up from subflooring to the surface for removal.

Additionally, failure to clean and dry up water damage appropriately can allow for the growth of mold and mildew. Both of these could potentially cause health effects for the household, but they can also prove a destructive force for the materials housing the colonies. Our SERVPRO team can ensure the area gets thoroughly dried to stifle the likelihood of secondary effects like mold growth.

While you might want to take care of problems in your home on your own, water damage should get left to our SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater water restoration specialists. Give us a call today at (973) 810-2825.

How Important Is Water Cleanup In My Dover Home After Clean Water Discharge?

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

pre-mitigation in kitchen Kitchen water damage services by SERVPRO are top-notch. We use the latest technology and equipment for any size disaster.

SERVPRO Helps Resolve Secondary Moisture Related Problems as Part of Water Removal Services

When water leaks from a clean source such as a burst pipe, you have less to worry over issues like contamination and direct soiling. However, once the water spreads all over the property, other issues arise. If there are fabrics such as carpets, draperies, or even upholstery, water exposure can cause dyes to run, leading to staining. Sometimes, staining and soiling happen because of the approaches used during water removal.

Professional water cleanup in your Dover home helps prevent or resolve many of the problems caused by excess moisture. For instance, when our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your property, they separate materials to prevent staining. Carpets can be stained by resins or rust from furniture legs, so we move such items from the wet areas. 

Heightened moisture levels promote microbial growth processes. The cleanup processes help in moisture management and provide a chance to apply professional products that can halt or slow microbial growth processes. Our SERVPRO technicians use EPA-registered disinfectants, follow product labels keenly and ensure sufficient dwell time. Cleanup helps resolve many issues after:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater delivers water cleanup services professionally. Call us at (973) 810-2825 for immediate assistance.

SERVPRO Delivers a Professional Job for Water Cleanup in Hopatcong

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Water damage may occur anywhere. When it does make sure to contact SERVPRO for the water restoration service needed for your property.

Local Hopatcong Community Relies on SERVPRO for Water Cleanup

One of the most frustrating types of water damage in a home is one where it is uncertain where the water is coming from. Not all in-home floods come from a big pipe break or washing machine failure. Some jobs require more investigation into the matter.

SERVPRO technicians have a host of specialized equipment and methods for water cleanup in Hopatcong properties. One of the first actions undertaken upon arrival for any type of water damage is scoping the property. This process involves

  • The use of specialized  equipment for moisture detection
  • Visual inspection
  • Cutting small areas of the wall to peer behind
  • Use of infrared cams to find cool areas of probable moisture within the structure

The techs track backward from found water within the house to locate the source it is emanating from and recommend the proper repairs to halt any further damage from occurring. The techs also look for secondary moisture issues, such as mold or deterioration to walls, floors, or ceilings.

Local Hopatcong property owners know they can count on SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 for fast, professional water cleanup available 24/7.

Dover Residents Know to Call SERVPRO For Water Removal

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

pre-mitigation service SERVPRO technicians have the understanding and equipment for any size water damaged property.

SERVPRO Techs Deliver Fast Water Removal for Dover Properties

It is unclear if Dover received its name from Dover, England or New Hampshire, but one that is known for sure, the lands were purchased in 1713 by Joseph Latham from local Native Americans. One of the first industries to get established was the mining sector. Iron ore was so abundant that it was unnecessary to dig it up, as it was on the surface around the Dickerson Mine. For over 6,000 years, humans have known how to separate ore from metal. In this time, the collected ore got processed into bars that got sent to industrial areas where it got rendered into:

  • Musket barrels and balls
  • Cannons
  • Pots and pans
  • Wrought iron objects

Dover Grows and Expands

Dover's town did not get incorporated until 1869, after the Civil War ended, and the town charter to make it fully independent did not occur for another thirty years. After the incorporation, the town began to grow and establish businesses outside of the iron mills. Many industries sprang up, including machine shops, mills, knitting and silk mills, and MacGregors hosiery factory. 

Hurd Park

Hurd Park, developed as a passive park without playgrounds or sportsfields, has pavilions and is an overall scenic location. John Hurd donated the land to the city in 1911.  Another feature in the park is the 1922 World War I statue known as "Spirit of the Doughboy," depicting a soldier walking with his rifle. The etymology of the term "Doughboy" is thought to have originated as an insult against the American servicemen and inferring they were soft like dough. 

Other Parks in the Dover Area

For a town with a population of 18,000 residents, Dover has many parks for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike. Hedden County Park is by far the largest, covering 380-acres, and has areas to picnic, playgrounds, ball friends, and many hiking trails. The JFK Memorial Commons Park hosts several community events throughout the year, including the annual Christmas tree lighting, Easter egg hunt, Halloween parade, and numerous summer outdoor concerts.

What Type of Water Removal Should Dover Homeowners Avoid?

Potentially, any damage requiring water removal in a Dover home should be handled by a professional mitigation service. The reason for this is that it is impossible to tell through visual observation only if there is seepage into the subfloor or wicking into walls until these areas show signs of damage such as:

  • Loosened tiles
  • Cupped or crowned flooring
  • Wet carpet
  • Buckled sheetrock from wicking water

Certain types of water damage in a home can be dangerous to come into contact with. This can include floodwater that involves groundwater entering the house, sewage backups, and water that has been allowed to stand within the property for more than 24 hours. 

SERVPRO techs have specific training and equipment for handling hazardous situations where the water carries a biohazard rating. The techs use protective equipment during the cleanup phase of the mitigation to ensure they do not touch nor breathe in the airborne water vapor that can carry bacteria and pathogenic elements. Treatment of the water with professional biocides helps make it safer to handle. Not only does it need to get extracted safely, but also there are special regulations for the disposal of the water. 

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 453-0401 handles all types of water removal in local Dover properties, including hazardous situations, with the closest attention to safety for all.

An Old Water Pipe Burst and Caused Water Damage in a House. Who Can Help to Restore it?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Piping and tools Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include water damage from a burst pipe. Contact SERVPRO right away for assistance.

Talk to SERVPRO Technicians to Help Perform Water Extraction in Dover Properties. 

Water is among the substances that can potentially cause substantial destruction in Dover homes. Property owners that have suffered severe water leaks should engage with professional restorers to extract water from their property. SERVPRO technicians can stop water from seeping deeper into various surfaces and get your property back to the original condition it was in.

What is water extraction?

Water extraction in a Dover home is a process where technicians remove standing water from the structure and dry the affected surfaces. We have experienced technicians who specialize in water extraction to prevent additional damage after a water intrusion incident occurs. During the process, our goal is to minimize water damage but also:

Minimize the chances of permanent damage.

Prevent mold growth that can pose serious health effects.

Restore your property to its pre-damage state.

Why should I hire SERVPRO?

Before getting in contact with the affected surfaces, it is essential to note that standing water from a burst pipe can cause health issues. As the water flows on various surfaces, it gets contaminated along the way. Water has a destructive effect on a majority of contents and building materials. That is why it is best to let professionals perform water extraction and salvage your valuable items. We have the training, specialized equipment, and expertise to restore water-damaged structures. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the technical aspects of water restoration and can also communicate effectively with you, your adjuster, and the insurer.

How do you check for moisture?

When we get to your property, we find the water source and shut it down. Since water can flow into hard-to-reach areas, we can use our advanced equipment to identify areas with a high moisture level. Our technicians can use infrared cameras to see how water traveled. We can also use a luminometer to test surfaces and water for organic contamination. This information helps us develop a customized restoration plan and a detailed estimate for our customers.

How do you remove the standing water?

Water extraction is an essential process that helps speed up drying. We typically utilize specialized equipment like electric submersible pumps to remove it. Extracting excess water in the affected area helps stop the spread of primary and secondary water damage. After completing the extraction process, our technicians can dry your home thoroughly using air moving and dehumidifying equipment.

With the help of SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater, you can have a mold-free and clean home after water damage. Talk to us today at (973) 810-2825. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.  

There's Water In My Walls, Can Someone Help?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Water damage in your home? SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened."

Removing Water From Walls Is A Job For Professionals.

Water in the walls of your Dover bedroom might not seem like a pressing issue, however, without proper mitigation, the damage can seep from the walls to the rest of your room. 

How Does SERVPRO Remove Water From Walls?

SERVPRO water removal in Dover homes starts with wet vacs and portable water extractors that allow our teams to clean up water from confined spaces like your walls. Once the standing water has been removed, our technicians can begin the drying process that consists of: 

Using moisture meters, moisture sensors, and thermo-hygrometers to gauge the extent and severity of moisture in your walls. 

Drilling holes in your baseboard to allow air to flow into the damaged sections of the wall. 

Removing wallpaper from parts of your bedroom wall to assist the drying process. 

We make sure to drill holes only when necessary, and we can consult with you throughout the drying process to ensure that both you and your insurance adjustor are aware of the extent of damages. 

What If Water Leaks Onto My Bed, Can SERVPRO Save it? 

It is common for the head of beds to be against the wall. This arrangement can be problematic if water seeps out of the wall and onto your pillow and blankets. Fortunately, professionals from SERVPRO have experience with upholstery water damage mitigation. When drying damaged furniture, we can:

Treat furniture stains by wetting the furniture evenly

Extract the upholstery

Focus on drying buttons, zippers, and other metal attachments to avoid rust.

Tent your cushions and sheets around air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly dry them. 

Our teams act fast to enact these drying procedures to prevent mildew growth and permanent stains.

Without a quick restoration, your bedroom can turn into a home for mold and bacteria. To help with mitigating these risks, call SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater at (973) 810-2825. 

Find out more about Dover.

What Problems Can I Expect From Unresolved Water Leaks?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

removed water damaged ceiling material Don't Let a Small Leak Develop into a Demolition Job in Your Hopatcong Home! Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Handles Water Mitigation in Hopatcong Properties Eliminating Countless Problems from Unabated Leaks Cause

Whether you have noticed a water leak or you suspect there is one in your Hopatcong property, taking immediate steps to mitigate the situation is necessary to forestall serious problems later on. In case you are not sure how to approach the problem, SERVPRO can help inspect and fix various damages.

How do most leaks develop in properties?

Knowing the genesis of the leak is essential for successful water mitigation when your Hopatcong property is affected. In most homes, leaks develop from issues such as:

  • Foundation shifts
  • Root intrusion
  • High water pressure
  • Corrosion of pipes
  • Temperature changes

The source of the leak influences factors such as the spread patterns and the discovery period. For instance, a leak after high pressure causes a pipe to burst does not take long to notice since a significant amount of water is released within a short while. Other factors such as corrosion or foundation shifts cause minor leaks that can affect large swathes of the house before discovery.  A corrosion-related leak in one place can also signify existing or impending leaks in other sections of the house, so general inspection around the property is necessary.

What typical issues develop from a hidden water leak?

  • Widespread deterioration of materials
  • Mold development
  • Identification challenges

Although a minor leak may seem preferable to a sudden water release, some factors make it less than ideal. For instance, the source of the leak may be difficult to identify, leading to widespread, yet unnecessary demolition of wall, ceiling or floor assemblies. Our SERVPRO technicians can ensure you avoid such unnecessary demolition by using thermal cameras to identify wet spots within cavities. We can then rely on other factors such as checking how slanted the areas are to pinpoint the source of the leak. We also use specialized cavity drying equipment to dry cavities without opening them up.

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater can help you mitigate water damage incidents conveniently. Call us at (973) 810-2825. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Is The Process For Water Removal If My Stillwater Home Has Been Flooded?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

water dripping from a ceiling tile Water can collect in your property before you even realize it. Act quickly and contact SERVPRO for water damage remediation.

SERVPRO Has the Equipment and Experience to Thoroughly Remove Water from Your Stillwater Residence

If your Stillwater home has experienced flooding, immediate water mitigation is a must. Our Green Team will arrive on the scene, ready to take on the challenge.

How soon will your technicians arrive on the scene?

When a call comes in to deal with water removal in Stillwater, our technicians are ready to go. We provide an immediate response any day of the week, day or night. Flood damage doesn't stop when you stop the source of the flooding, or the storm ends. It keeps on causing insidious problems, doing damage that you may not be able to see. Flood damage can include:

  • Water gets absorbed into walls, contents, and upholstery.
  • Furniture and rugs can bleed onto carpets causing permanent damage.
  • Papers, books, and documents can swell and become permanently ruined.
  • Drywall can break down from water absorption.
  • Tarnish, rust, and corrosion will deteriorate metal objects.
  • Mold and mildew spread rapidly.
  • Musty odor starts and worsens with time.

We Understand the Importance of a Rapid Response

The list above is only a portion of what water can do. It can seep behind walls, cupboards, and under floorboards. That is why water removal to your Stillwater residence immediately is vital. The Process that The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited technicians use is based on advanced technology and years of handling flood issues in homes and businesses.

Getting Started – Assessment

The first thing the techs will do is an inspection and damage assessment. This allows them to determine the extent of the flooding and plan appropriately. Everyone's situation is different. While there are standard procedures to follow, we fine-tune them to meet the client's needs. If the flooding is extensive enough to require a move-out, this begins now.

Beginning the Water Removal

Now we bring in the powerful pump equipment and start extracting the majority of the water. Truck-mounted pumps can remove thousands of gallons of water quickly. SERVPRO has submersible pumps that aid in the removal in cases of high levels of water. Portable extraction units get used for minor flood damage. There are other water extraction tools the Green Team uses as well. These include:

  • Moisture Sensor – SERVPRO uses specialized, ultra-sensitive moisture detectors, meters, and hygrometers. These devices allow the techs to determine moisture saturation levels.
  • Infrared cameras – The staff uses these to seek out water hiding behind walls and ceilings.
  • Rover – A highly maneuverable water extraction system 
  • Squeegee – Used on hard flooring with either a truck-mounted or portable pump.
  • Carpet Wand – Used on carpeting with either a truck-mounted or portable pump

Water Restoration

Once the majority of the water gets removed, restoration to preloss condition continues. Carpets and padding get inspected to determine if they need removing. If delamination has occurred, they are not salvageable, and the goal is to prevent damage to the subflooring. At SERVPRO, we want to leave your home, "Like it never even happened." This entails cleaning and restoring your home to the way it was before disaster struck. Throughout the entire process, we will continually monitor the moisture levels in the floors and walls.

Drying Everything Out

The IICRC technicians take into account the temperature, room size, and relative humidity to determine the proper amount and type of drying equipment. We want to restore your home and prevent secondary water damage such as warping and swelling of furniture, walls, and flooring. Industrial strength dehumidifiers are the key to preventing that from happening while pulling excess moisture from the air. Water evaporation is accelerated by air movers that create a massive airflow in the flooded area and across content such as furniture.

What You Can Do to Help

If you have undergone flooding in your Stillwater home, you may want to help while waiting for the professionals to arrive. But safety is the primary goal. Turn off electricity if the water intrusion has occurred where there is the possibility of electrical shock. Do not risk your personal safety in attempting to move heavy items or where you could slip or fall. Wait for the professionals to arrive. If the damage is contained and it is safe to do so, mopping up excess water right away can help. Here are some things you can do:

  • Remove items of wood furniture and wipe dry.
  • Remove colored rugs from carpets.
  • Prop up cushions and other upholstered items.
  • If it's warm weather, turn on the air conditioning. ONLY if it's not an electrical hazard!
  • Pick up items off the floor to allow the team to vacuum. 

When dealing with any size flooding, SERVPRO is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Contact SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 for quality water removal service.

Water Cleanup Can Save Your Dover Home

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor From Water Leak Call us for water cleanup of any spills, back-ups, or overflows that threaten your residence.

How Water Cleanup by SERVPRO Helps Dover Homeowners Now and in the Future

After a washing machine or other appliance spills its contents over and onto your Dover home’s floor, using a mop, towels, and a fan can seem sufficient. However, any moisture that found its way underneath the floor can create an environment that allows unwanted changes to take place.

SERVPRO knows how to help homeowners in Dover with water cleanup that fixes the current situation and leaves the area protected against related problems in the future. We view mitigation and restoration of your property as a way to protect your investment in both your home and our community.

We use different things to perform our work, including:
    •    Injectidry systems, which performs several tasks
    •    Both self-contained extraction units and truck-mounted pumps
    •    Air movers to produce directed air currents
    •    Heaters that help increase efficiency and decrease the time involved

One way our technicians do this for our customers is with a special system that can perform two functions. The first involves pulling damp air away from surfaces, and the second method lets us force heated air into enclosed cavities.

Both of these methods protect your property’s structure. Extracting water from the inside portion of your floors and lower sections of walls helps by reducing the amount of water that can spread. This also means that we need to dry less and can finish the job sooner for you.

The same extraction system that powers it also helps us remove standing water, when needed. Air movers and high-powered fans also help dry surfaces. The air currents produced by these become more efficient when the air’s temperature increases above normal.

Our machinery and equipment, when combined, keeps a small situation from increasing in both size and the amount of damages that occur. Making the area less friendly to microorganisms that can cause intense damage protects a structure well into the future.

Call us for water cleanup of any spills, back-ups, or overflows that threaten your Hopatcong, NJ, Jefferson, NJ, or Stanhope, NJ residence at (973) 810-2825. You can rely on SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater to make things “Like it never even happened.”

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Water Removal In Dover

4/18/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater provides mitigation and restoration that aids homeowners by being Faster to Any Size Disaster.

In-Ground Pool Water Removal for a Dover Home

While having an in-ground pool can feel both luxurious and rewarding for any New Jersey homeowner, some care is needed to prevent water damage. The most common sources of home water damage from swimming pools are compromised supply and return lines. If left unchecked, these damages can create costly repair needs for essential structures such as your home's foundation.

When your Dover residence needs water removal due to swimming pool water damage, SERVPRO technicians are always prepared to restore your home to its preloss condition. These IICRC-certified technicians, as well as staff and franchise owners, receive specialized training in disaster mitigation for structures as well as contents to minimize replacement costs and costly repairs. This team coordinates with both property owners and insurance adjusters to file quick and comprehensive water damage claims.

How Pools Cause Home Water Damage

    •    Damaging basements and crawl spaces. The sheer volume of water in a pool leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home. Check the water levels regularly. If your pool needs frequent refilling, there may be a leak affecting your home.
    •    A damaged filtration system. The filter system for an in-ground pool is usually in the garage or basement. These filters keep pool water clean, but can also flood when pipe leaks occur. Double-check your filter or have a professional service it before opening your pool.

A backyard swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any home but requires extra care and attention to prevent water damage to your property.

Extracting Pool Water Damages Thoroughly
SERVPRO technicians focus first on the extraction process. Pool water may require extensive amounts of time extracting with portable, back-mounted units. If your basement has a floated wood or laminate floor over it, this flooring may require removal address moisture absorption and efflorescence--a white, chalky residue--on the concrete floor underneath. Hardwood can often be restored after such a disaster, but laminate wood may be more cost-effective to replace.

SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater provides mitigation and restoration that aids homeowners by being Faster to Any Size Disaster. You can call (973) 810-2825 for cleanup that saves you time, money, and stress.

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Replacing Damaged Fittings in Your Hopatcong Home After Freezing

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Flozen pipe SERVPRO knows the damaging effects frozen pipes can have on your Hopatcong home.

Water damage from frozen pipes can get worse by the minute, call us today.

With the winter months settling in, it is only a matter of time before many Hopatcong homes contend with frozen pipes and other damaging situations that result from the severe temperature lows. Even with insulated pipes, many homes in our area still suffer from freezing and pipe bursts when cold snaps occur. Even without the full-scale separation that can result from damming and freezing within your plumbing, homeowners could have to contend with leaking connections and fittings. 

For as hazardous as freezing pipes can be and for the water damage in Hopatcong homes that could result, our SERVPRO team encourages area residents to inspect their pipes several times throughout the winter to ensure that they have adequate insulation and coverage. It can even be beneficial to leave a faucet or two very slightly moving cold water during nights where temperatures drop well below freezing. 

If you have not had the opportunity to protect your plumbing before an unexpected cold snap occurs, you could find yourself chasing down water leaks that result in the weakest points of your plumbing network. While breaks and leaks could occur anywhere along the pathways of the pipe, you can most often expect to see them in the exposed areas of your basement or beneath fixtures. These locations make these portions of the damaged pipe accessible for repairs. 

While our SERVPRO team can help with identifying the source of leaks and breaches with our advanced inspection tools and moisture meters, we can also help to repair plumbing when you feel that this is outside of your capabilities. For the DIY-inclined homeowners, you can start by stopping the flow of water and allowing the pipes to drain out from the lowest point. 

Using a wrench, you can carefully remove damaged fittings. Before attaching the replacement components, wrap thread tape around the end of the pipe to better ensure a watertight seal. Once you have replaced the leaking connectors, inspect any remaining fittings for wear before restoring service to these lines. 

Replacing damaged portions of your interior plumbing is a necessity after freezing or other excessive pressure situations that could damage weak points in the network. No matter how we can help, from post-repair inspections to restoring the damage ourselves, you can count on our SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater team. Give us a call anytime at (973) 810-2825.

To learn more about Hopatcong, click here.

Did the Washing Machine Hose Fail and Cause Water Damage in Your Jefferson Home?

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Clothes on spin cycle of washing machine Washing machine failures can cause a lot of water to invade your home quickly. SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater can restore your home quickly.

Counteracting Washing Machine Flood Damage in a Jefferson Home  

There are few things more discouraging for homeowners and renters than a malfunctioning washing machine. However, few expect hose failures that result in a sudden flood in the laundry room. If left unchecked, this water can seep into nooks, crannies, flooring, and possessions, leaving flood damage that can be costly and tough to clean up on your own.  

If a sudden washing machine failure causes water damage in your Jefferson residence, you do not have to deal with it on your own. SERVPRO technicians are just a phone call away from restoring your home to its pre-flood condition. After you call, a team can reach your property in mere hours.  

Cleaning Up After A Washing Machine Hose Failure 

If a washing machine causes water damage to occur in your home, here are the steps you can take to clean the area:   

  • Turn off the water valves for your washer or shut off the main water supply. Unplug the washing machine. 
  • With towels or a mop, soak up standing water. If you have or can procure a wet/dry vacuum, suck up as much water as possible. Using dehumidifiers and fans quickly dries out the area. Air movers can also speed up the drying process if you have them. 
  • Remove clothing from the washing machine, finish cleaning them by hand, and allow them to drip dry. Extract excess water from the machine and inspect the surrounding area, removing unsalvageable items as needed. 
  • Sanitize water-affected areas with a strong disinfectant. Maximize ventilation to prevent mold growth and facilitate drying.  

How SERVPRO Can Help  

If, for example, you have your laundry in a basement with unfinished concrete floors, SERVPRO can thoroughly address water damage. When the team comes to you, they can measure moisture with a variety of tools, including non-penetrating moisture meters and infrared cameras, to examine the moisture in your flooring, walls, and fixtures.  

Without an intact vapor barrier and not addressing leaks causes concrete to absorb moisture, which can leave chalky calcium deposits that can reappear. Our pros can use HEPA vacuums and EPA-registered, OSHA-approved disinfectants to address bacteria and odors. If you have ceramic or vinyl tile in your laundry room, SERVPRO technicians can check the subfloor for water damage. Drying is accomplished with industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent grouting and microbe proliferation. Drying subfloors from underneath, depending on the location of the disaster, is sometimes possible.  

SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater is proud to serve Morris and Sussex counties with 24/7 disaster mitigation services. No matter when disaster strikes, your home can look, "Like it never even happened." Call (973) 810-2825 today for speedy cleanup.  

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We Help You Keep The Water Flowing In Your Stillwater Home

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Drying Machines Set Up In A Garage When your home suffers from water damage, moisture that is not addressed within 24 to 48 hours can cause secondary damage such as mold.

Replacing Damaged Plumbing in Your Stillwater Home

A breach in the plumbing of your Stillwater home can leave you contending with a high volume of damage almost immediately. Before you can get the supply of this portion of piping shut down, many neighboring materials become saturated and damaged. While shutting off this valve is critical to preventing even more damages, you also must contend with the steps to repair this broken pipe and restore service to your home. As a premier restoration company in the area, we want our customers to find the confidence to tackle issues that can otherwise cost them such as plumbing repairs. With the right guidance, many homeowners can save on professional plumbers and get the house prepared for restoration needs.

While water damage in Stillwater homes after a pipe break is widespread and substantial, repairing the plumbing itself is an essential starting point. You can look for the areas of drywall or flooring with the highest visible moisture content as a reliable indicator of where the breach has occurred. If you need precise information, many home improvement locations sell or rent similar detection devices that our SERVPRO team uses. These tools can identify the presence of moisture pockets and the severity of these conditions to narrow the precise point of rupture.

Often you do not have direct access to plumbing breaks, so portions of drywall must get removed to reach the water damaged sections of pipe. Controlled demolition techniques, such as removing only a small region of sheetrock directly blocking the plumbing, can help to expedite reconstruction and structural repair once any restoration work completes.

Most hardware stores sell the specific fittings and replacement joints that you might need to repair the damage that you find. These purchases get made both on the specific damages you see and the type of materials you encounter. Depending on when your home got constructed, you can encounter galvanized metal, lead, copper, brass, or PVC. The plastic is the new standard in home construction, and you can find compression fittings that can allow you to replace the damaged metal pipe with PVC without replacing large sections of this plumbing network.

Once you have repaired the damage to your plumbing, you need to think about the best approach for drying out the saturated materials and water-damaged areas of your house. Our SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater restoration specialists have the skills and equipment to make a difference quickly to make this loss “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (973) 810-2825.

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We Discuss How To Start Remediation On Your Own In Your Jefferson Home

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Water Cleanup Teams In Jefferson Describe How To Start Remediation On Your Own

Across the country, plumbing failures are one of the most common types of problems that causes insurance claims including in the Jefferson region. If one of your sewage lines or water pipes break, it is crucial to start water cleanup right away. Our water restoration technicians or WRTs at SERVPRO can show up quickly to start your remediation project. There are things you can do on your own with the equipment you probably own.

By following some necessary steps, you can get a jumpstart on your remediation project before you call in our SERVPRO team or in some cases, it is possible to handle small issues yourself. When starting water cleanup inside you Jefferson home, we begin by finding the source of the excessive moisture. As soon as you notice wet carpets or see the liquid H2O, follow your wet flooring materials to the closest water source. Once you find the leak, take note of whether it is coming from a clean water pipe, a sink drain, or toilet sewage pipe.

The restoration project can vary depending on the leak's source. If the water coming into your house came from a sink drain or sewage line, there is a possibility of contamination. If the leak is found on a water pipe going into your house, then the water is most likely clean and the problems created are easier to mitigate.

When dealing with either type of situation, the next step is to shut off your water so that moisture does not continue to affect your contents and building materials. It is also wise to shut off the power in the affected room so that no electrical shorts can occur. Next, you should check for any possible hazards, including wet drywall that can fall, light fixtures full of water, and slip hazards.

Once you feel the area is safe to occupy, begin removing as much water as you can while it is still in the liquid form. If there is water on a hard surface floor, use a mop or squeegee to soak up the moisture. If your carpets got wet use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the moisture inside the carpet fabrics, if items like your furniture got wet, you can also you the vacuum to help speed up their drying process.

However, if a water-related problem inside your Mt. Arlington, Mine Hill, or Byram home ever gets too complicated for you to handle, call SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

For more about Jefferson click here.

If Your Dover Crawlspace Has Water Damage Call Our Experts For Help

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO team can arrive with sophisticated drying equipment that can quickly address the moisture and dampness beneath your house.

Crawlspace Moisture Can Damage Your Dover Residence

While many Dover homeowners contend with moist basements and cellars, the properties that only have crawlspaces also combat these same damaging effects. Without a proper means of regulating this persistent moisture, mold spores existing naturally in this environment can seat and colonize into organic materials within this area. Considering that most crawlspaces are “stick built,” meaning that they have gotten constructed primarily of wood, this is an ideal environment for widespread mold colonization.

There are many ways that water damage to your Dover home’s crawlspace can affect your house and its occupants, it’s also important to understand why you should be seeking out the experience and advanced equipment of our SERVPRO professionals to overcome this situation. You want to correct excessive moisture and standing water concerns in your crawlspace as promptly as possible, even without the possibility of mold growth and colonization.

Saturation of wood materials commonly installed for supports, framing, and the sides of your crawlspace can change the composition of these elements. Within as little as 2-3 days, saturated wood can begin to swell and bloat, distorting from its original shape into a warped new design. Not only does this cause structural concerns for your property, as these damaged wood components now must get replaced, but it can also continue to pose a threat to areas currently unaffected by the spread of this moisture and dampness.

Our SERVPRO team can arrive with sophisticated drying equipment that can quickly address the moisture and dampness beneath your house. Additionally, our professionals can assess this area as a potential candidate for crawlspace encapsulation, which can keep ground water and dampness from ever penetrating this area of your property again.

Whether you need a quick solution to address standing water or moisture beneath your home or you are curious about the potential benefits and long term advantages to crawlspace encapsulation, give our SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater team a call anytime at (973) 810-2825.

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What To Do When a Toilet Overflows During a Shower

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Sewer back up in a Dover,NJ home

Methods to Clear Clogs that Form Between the Toilet and Sewer

A toilet overflow that occurs during a shower is a clear sign of a clogged pipe. If you own a toilet snake, you may be able to clear the clog. Otherwise, it will be necessary to call a plumber. Use the following sewage cleaning methods to clear clogs that form between the toilet and sewer.

1. Snake the Toilet

Use an auger or snake designed for use in toilets. Models are available with hand cranks or adapters that fit a power drill. Depending on the severity of the clog, you may want to run the snake through the toilet or remove the toilet and insert the snake directly into the floor drain.

2. Clear the Drain Cleanout

If snaking does not work, try clearing the clogged pipe at the drain cleanout. This cap on the main drain is located in the basement or crawlspace of a home. Use a long pipe wrench to remove the cap. Keep in mind that sewage cleaning may be necessary if the backup flows out of the uncapped cleanout. Run the snake through the cleanout opening.

3. Call a Plumber

If snaking the toilet, floor drain, or drain cleanout does not clear a clog, it will be necessary to call a plumber. Professionals have tools that can reach further than consumer-grade snakes and can also help with issues such as a sewer line that has become blocked by tree roots or that has collapsed.

The best way to test whether each measure is working is to run the shower and see if another toilet overflow occurs. If you are not sure how to use a snake, you may want to call a professional as soon as you notice the toilet overflowing during a shower. If your residence sustains sewage damage, you should also call a sewage cleaning and water damage restoration service in Dover, NJ.

Protect Your Property While You're Away: Vacation Preparedness Tips

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Air scrubber on a water damage due to broken pipe in a Dover,NJ home

According to a study of insurance claims, the second most common type of homeowners' insurance claim is due to water damage in the home. Leaking pipes, burst supply lines, storm damage and freezing conditions cause millions of dollars' worth of damage each year. If a pipe freezes and bursts or even just slowly leaks while you're away, a simple water pipe repair won't fix the damage. The damage will be so extensive as to require remediation efforts by your local Dover,NJ, water damage remediation team. That said, there are steps you can take to prevent such damage while you're away on vacation:

  • Check for leaks before you leave.
  • Repair a broken pipe if you locate one.
  • Clear your rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Make sure there aren't any kinks or leaks in the hoses connecting major appliances to the water source.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working to prevent a flooded basement or ground floor.
  • Insulate pipes to prevent them from freezing.
  • Turn off the water main to prevent water flow through your pipes, and therefore to prevent freezing.

If you take these steps before leaving for a holiday, your pipes should remain intact.

What To Do When the Pipes Burst

If your pipes do end up bursting or water damage does happen, shut off the main valve right away and perform a quick water pipe repair. If the damage is extensive, contact your water remediation team to assess the extent of it and see what needs to be done to get your home to like new condition. If you're lucky, the secondary damage isn't too bad, and a minor repair and dry-out efforts will suffice. However, if the water was allowed to sit, you may be dealing with more extensive damage, such as mold damage, rot or worse.

Simple measures such as a water pipe prepare and wrapping your pipes may be all you need to do to prevent water damage while you're away on vacation. However, if damage does happen, contact a water remediation team right away for swift cleanup assistance.

3 Strategies for Keeping Your Employees Safe During a Flood Cleanup

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Avoid touching flooded water in your Jefferson, NJ building

When your Jefferson,NJ, business suffers a flood, the cleanup efforts can be considerable. From the removal of contaminated black water to fighting the mold growth that can occur afterward, there can be much to do. However, during this process, keeping your employees safe will likely be a priority for you, especially as you work to reopen your business. As workers return to your building, there are a few strategies you can keep in mind that might protect them from accidents or injury.

1. Have Them Avoid Touching Flood Water

If the flooding in your commercial location was caused by an overflow of an outdoor creek or river, a sewer backup or a backed-up toilet, you may want to keep your employees clear of the water and prevent them from entering flooded areas. Category 3 flooding creates what is called black water, which may contain feces and sewer chemicals. Only professionals from a flood damage and cleanup service with the equipment and knowledge to handle the water should do so.

2. Allow Them To Work From Home

Allowing some employees to work remotely can help keep them safe while flood cleanup efforts continue at your business. Data wranglers, coding technicians and social media managers might all be able to work from home and turn in their work via email or through your company’s shared data drive. This can help prevent layoffs or work stoppage for many of your employees.

3. Complete Air Filtration Before Employees Return

Air quality can be poor after flooding, especially if your flood techs must remove mold. It is wise to allow any air filtration processes to complete before inviting your employees back to work.

Keeping your employees safe from black water, poor air quality and other issues after a flood damages your Jefferson,NJ, commercial building can be daunting. However, when you know how to proceed once flooding occurs, you can reduce the risk of employee injuries or accidents.

Your Guide to Water Damage on Building Materials

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Lumber

When your home has been affected by flooding from a clean water source, such as burst pipes or a broken supply line, you'll quickly notice damage to building materials. For example, you may see swelling wood, transfer stains, discoloration on furnishings, and warped or swollen paper goods. Within just a few hours, you may see

• Lamination peeling from furniture
• Drywall becoming soggy
• Musty odors emanating from areas of standing water
• Tarnishing on metal surfaces
• Clean water becoming contaminated

Repairs Transition to Replacements

If you don't take quick action after flooding, you'll probably notice severe issues within a couple of days, such as

• Growing mold
• Swelling wood on pianos and other wood home furnishings
• Disintegrating drywall
• Rusting on metal surfaces
• Swelling door and window casings
• Malfunctioning electronic components

As soon as you discover leaks or flooding, it's crucial to stop the flow of water and arrange the necessary water pipe repair. With this completed, discuss the differences between clean water, gray water, and black water with a flooding restoration professional. The actions you take to recover will be determined, in part, by the potential for contamination and other risks.

Hidden Damages

Unfortunately, you'll probably only see a small part of the actual damage your home has experienced. A lot of moisture damage happens within the walls. As you begin to replace swollen wood from cabinets and subflooring, you may find deeper damage. Drywall and other wood components can often be saved if you respond quickly enough, but make sure the structural integrity of the home hasn't been compromised.

Working closely with your restoration professional, be sure to thoroughly investigate the extent of all damages. This may require the use of specialized tools, such as moisture meters, and may involve inspections into unseen areas of the home. For example, discovering whether you have insulation behind walls will help determine the best method for drying and remediation.

Full Recovery

Water damage is a scary situation, but with help from professionals in Dover, NJ, you can recover. The wet building materials, swelling wood, and saturated carpets can be repaired or replaced, and you can get your home life back on track.

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What Homeowners Insurance Means For Broken Pipes

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

A broken pipe doesn’t have to mean going broke fixing your home.

A bursting pipe leads to a flood of water and costs. Insurance will reduce the costs once the claim goes through. Understanding the process is essential to know what to expect from homeowners insurance when your home has an unexpected pipe issue.

Determining Fault

First, insurance companies will send an inspector to your home to evaluate the circumstances of the claim. They will evaluate if the break was unexpected and unpreventable. They consider several situations homeowner negligence:

• An unthawed frozen pipe bursting when a heater could’ve been used
• Ignoring a long-term leak
• Tampering with the pipe and breaking it
• Not attending to aging or rusting pipes with regular home maintenance

It’s the burden of the insurance company to prove fault. Insurance will only cover what’s needed to fix broken pipe if the damage is unmistakably an accident.

What Is Covered

Once the policyholder is cleared of any fault, the insurance coverage deploys. Most policies will cover every cleanup and repair service necessary up to the policy’s monetary limit.

There are additional parts of an insurance policy that may be applicable to you. Dwelling coverage is offered to make sure your home is structurally sound by covering the repair of pivotal parts of your home such as walls, roofs, and floors. Property coverage ensures your belongings up to a limit if they are damaged or lost in a flood. Lastly, additional living expenses coverage pays for a hotel and accommodations if you are not allowed to reside in your home during restoration.

The Process

The pipe will be repaired by a plumbing professional arranged by the insurance. The secondary e from the burst or leak will be handled by an expert water damage cleanup crew. Drywall, carpet and paint restoration are included in these services.

A broken pipe doesn’t have to mean going broke fixing your home. An unforeseen flood in Dover, NJ, is easily remedied by using and understanding your insurance. For more information, visit

What an Insurance Company Will Cover After Water Damage

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Dealing with the repercussions of a flood or a pipe burst in your Stillwater, NJ, home can lead to one massive headache. However, it helps to know what your homeowner’s insurance coverage entails and what you can expect to gain from your policy. Whether you have minor or severe water damage, here’s what many insurance companies will cover to help repair and restore your home.

1. They should cover the cost of the damage caused by a broken pipe, but not necessarily the pipe itself.

When it comes time to fix a broken pipe, some insurance companies believe that if a leaking pipe has carried on for a significant amount of time without being treated, then it’s considered ‘homeowner negligence.’ This means they might not cover the cost of the new pipe replacement. However, almost all insurance providers will cover the costs for the extent of the damage that occurred to your home after the pipe burst, including building materials, structural supports and so on.

2. Once a pipe bursts and a resulting flood ensues, that kind of extensive damage will generally be covered.

If a sudden pipe burst happens without any knowledge of leaks beforehand and such an occurrence leads to a massive flood, your insurance company will cover the damage if you have an all-perils policy. This can include anything from carpeting and paint to drywall, as well as the cost of any professional services required to come in and clean up your living space to make it safe for habitation. However, coverage for full-blown flooding versus less-severe water damage can differ depending on your policy, so it pays to be extra cautious when considering which plan to choose for preventative measures.

If a considerable flood occurs in your Stillwater, NJ home, it’s important to seek professional guidance before trying to make any repairs or restoration yourself. This is especially true when it comes to your insurance policy, as you might be covered for more damages than you know.

For more information about water damage visit

The Emergency Contact List That You Need to Have at Home for Emergencies

2/4/2018 (Permalink)

If you have read our blogs you should know by now that preparedness is the key element to survive and to recover from any kind of emergency. With this in mind we want to mention some of the main categories that you should prioritize and include in your emergency contact list.

  • Medical Emergency: These are important numbers to write down. In an emergency you should not assume that you will have internet access to find the numbers that you need. Therefore, it is wise to have a list of the following numbers in areas of the house that can be of easy access for anyone (like hung up on the fridge):
  • Police Department.
  • 911
  • Fire Department
  • Poison Control Center
  • Your Physician’s office number.
  • Household Emergencies: Multiple emergencies can affect your home or business at any giving moment, and knowing who to call or what to do can make a big difference in taking care of the emergency properly or making it a bigger issue. We recommend that you add the following numbers to your emergency contact list and that you keep a copy in your office or in your car in case that you are away from your property while the emergency occurs.
  • Water Company
  • Gas Company
  • Electric Company
  • 24/7 Emergency restoration company (SERVPRO Dover/Stillwater 973-810-2825)
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Home Insurance Company
  • Home Security Monitoring Company
  • HVAC (Heat and Air Conditioning) Repair
  • Non-Emergency but helpful numbers: No every emergency is life-threating, but having these numbers handy may help you to control those situations that have the potential to become a more serious emergency. Even if you are not home, having these numbers may help the people in your home (like a house sitter) to control a situation while waiting to hear from you.
  • A General Handy Person
  • A Trusted Neighbor
  • Family Member or Emergency Contact
  • Pest Control.

Three Reasons Why SERVPRO of Dover Stillwater Should Restore Your Water Damage

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

Most home owners know that if their property suffers a water damage this is the kind of situation that you want to handle both immediately and effectively. To achieve this, you should count with a trustable and professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater to handle your water loss. Besides the fact that we are here for you 24/7, and that we are right here in your community, there are three important reasons why we strongly suggest that you allow us to help you to restore your home in case that you have a water damage emergency.

  1. Our knowledgeable and professional team: Our technicians are highly-trained and certified in the water restoration process, the techniques, and the equipment needed to be placed depending on the type of job that they encounter.  They will try to dry and preserve as many materials and contents as possible that may be damaged by the water, because they understand that these are you valuables. Also, some of our guys have been in the restoration business for up to ten years, this alone gives them the field experience and the ability to understand that each loss and client is unique and therefore, they are respectful and friendly when dealing with a client who is going through a stressful situation.
  2. Special Equipment and Substance needed to perform the job: A water restoration process needs some elements in order to be successful. Some of the most important ones are the specialty equipment and the chemicals that we use while performing these jobs. We have the high-powered air fans, dehumidifiers, extraction equipment, industrial vacuums, monitoring equipment, etc. As well as all the Chemicals necessary and approved to clean and decontaminate your home or business. Our technicians are professionals who know how to manage the equipment and all the items that we use.
  3. We are here 24/7 for you: We know that a water loss can happen when you least expect it. Therefore, we are here 24/7 for you. Anytime of the day or night that you need us we are here for you. You can always contact us to 973-810-2825 and one member of our team will guide you through every step of the process. 

Kitchen Preventive Measures to Avoid a Water Loss

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Many of the emergency calls that we get for water losses started at the kitchen. Think about it, multiple appliances that we use to cook and to clean in this area use water. The most common ones that cause problems related with water in the kitchen are the sink, the dishwasher, and the refrigerator. The appliances and the area that we use almost every day. Therefore, it is always good to learn some preventive measures about these three that could help us to avoid a water loss.

Dishwasher Problems; We recommend that you check your dishwasher regularly in order to spot any water leaks, it is also important to make sure that the main filter is not blocked and that the dishwasher is emptying completely when is done. Once in a while check that all the joints and hoses are working properly and listen for any particular sounds while the machine is running.

Sink Water Problems; Make a habit to check underneath the sink every week to make sure that you do not have any leaking problems down there. If you noticed a dripping faucet make sure to repair it soon even if it is a little one.  Also, check the pipes under the sink for any dripping or blocked drains. All of these preventive measures can save you money and time in the long run.

Refrigerators Water Problems:  Most people forget about their refrigerator’s maintenance, but like any other machine it is important to clean it and to inspect it to make sure it runs properly. One way to inspect it is to check for water or mold behind it, if any one of them is present its time to act and find where the water is coming from. This action will help to prevent a major water problem later on.

We hope that these preventing measures are helpful to you and your family and that they help you to avoid any water losses in your kitchen. If you ever have an issue please call us we are here to help. SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater 973-810-2825 and

Learning More About Your Water Loss

11/11/2017 (Permalink)

Learn about the different classes of water in a water loss.

When a pipe bursts in your house, a washing machine over floods, or a water heater malfunction happens and you end up with an unwanted amount of water in your home you know that you need to act fast. Most homeowners know the drill, they will need to contact their insurance company and then a restoration company, like SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater, to start the extraction, drying process, and restoration process. While this is important information to know, and we will explain as much as we can about the process, it never hurts to learn a little bit more about the steps that we need to take in order to do a professional job at your property so you are 100% satisfied.

One of the things that we would like to share with you today is how to determine the class of water that we are dealing with and why it is an important part of the process.

Once in your property our highly-trained technicians will determine the category of water that they are working with, but they also need to determine the class of water. This is very important because the class will aid to choose the cleaning and disinfecting protocol to follow for that particular job. Also, with this information a specific drying plan, with the right equipment (dehumidifiers, air movers, etc.) will be in place and the drying process will begin. The four classes of water that our team will identify are:

Class One: This class of water has a slow evaporation rate. The technicians will understand that only part or a room is compromised and the carpet could be little or no wet at all. This is the easiest class to work with in case of a water damage.

Class Two: This class has a faster evaporation rate than class one. Our technicians will know that the whole room was affected, as well as the carpet, the walls are now compromised, and there is moisture in the structural materials of your property.

Class Three: The class with the fastest evaporation rate. This class means that the walls, ceiling, insulations, carpet, and sub floors in your property are affected. In most cases the kind of damage for this class started from overhead or the roof of your home.

Class Four: This is the special class that will need a special drying process. When our technicians determine this class they understand that it has passed enough time for different materials (like hardwood and stone) to be compromised. Special methods of drying will need to be used and more likely this will take longer to dry than the other classes of water.

We hope that this information helps you to learn a little more about our process and how we determine the right drying plan for your specific situation. If you have any questions give us a call we are here to guide you and help you in any emergency situation. We are SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater 973-810-2825.

Recommendations to Prevent a Water Damage

11/8/2017 (Permalink)

Follow the Recommendations to Prevent a Water Damage Like This One.

It is hard to predict a water damage, but it is possible to take certain measures to help to prevent one. Knowing that a water loss is something that can happen in any home/business and that can be a costly event to repair, we recommend reading the follow considerations and to learn more about what you can do to prevent a water damage:

  • Inspect your roof; it is a good idea to have a professional to inspect your roof and make sure that there are not damages and leaks that allow mold and mildew to grow.
  • It is important to know where your water cut off is at (this could be crucial in an emergency situation), learn how to handle the valve, and make sure to have the tools (like the water key) to turn it off.
  • Make a note in your schedule to clean the gutters in your house. This will help you to prevent excess water on your property and future damages.
  • Check your water heater, make sure there is not water around the area where it is at. Also, it is important to keep the maintenance for this type of appliances. Water heater malfunctions are one the most common causes of water damages in homes.
  • Make it a habit to be present when you are using any of the appliances that need water. For example, the washer machine. You will not only prevent mold from growing in your clothes from leaving it there until you are back, but you also will be available to act fast (or call someone) if something goes wrong and an excessive amount of water is now running in your home.
  • It is a good idea to inspect for small leaks in those places in your property were water runs continuously, like the sinks, bathtubs, etc. An unnoticeable leak could led to mold growing and making a lot of damage to your property.
  • Cold weather will be here soon. We recommend that you check the exposed pipes in your home and use enough insulation to prevent pipes from burst during the cold months.

These recommendations are easy to follow and they will help you to prevent a water damage in your property. The most important thing is to keep your home in optimal conditions, check water appliances, pipes, water hoses regularly, and make yourself familiar with this type of emergencies to know how to act in case that you have to deal with that. If a water damage ever happens in your home do not hesitate to give us a call we will be there right away to help you to take care of it. We are here to serve you 24/7 SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater and our number is 973-810-2825.

Four Convenient Tips To Help You To Prevent A Water Loss

11/8/2017 (Permalink)

Learn four convenient tips to prevent a water loss.

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent a water damage in your home and when that happens we are here to help you. We have the experience, the equipment, and the highly-trained professionals to help you to recover from your water loss.  We know that you cannot prevent all water damages from occurring, but from our experience we can offer you the four following convenient tips to help you prevent some possible water losses.

1-Check your trees: We all love a house surrounded by nice greens. Perfect trees and plants around it, but you should always be careful with the type of trees that you plant in your property. It is always a good idea to plant trees at less 10ft away from your home and if you do a further research and find out that your tree has invasive roots you will need to plant those at least 25ft away if you want to preserve your water and sewer lines. We want to encourage to plant trees and to help the environment, we just recommend that you plant them where they won't contribute to a water damage to your property.

2- Regular maintenance to your appliances: It is a good idea to check your appliances regularly and make sure that they are working properly. Many times water losses are cause by leaks from your most used appliances like the washer machine.

3- Check you bill: Your water bill could be a good indicator that something is not working as it supposed too or that there is a leak somewhere in your home. Make sure to check your water bill and keep an eye on any changes that do not make sense.

4- Take Action: If you find a water leak in your home, make sure that you get it fix. The sooner that you take care of it the better. Water damage can become worst every minute and by taking care of a leak you are avoiding to fix other problems like mold in your property.

We hope that these tips are helpful to you and your family, and that they help you to prevent water damages at your home. Again water damages are hard to predict, but if you ever need us we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to give us a call, we are SERVPRO of Dover Stillwater 973-810-2825.

Snow birds in the north east getting ready to fly south

10/26/2016 (Permalink)

This is what happens when snowbirds don't know the pipes have been leaking for weeks. The mold grows like crazy.

As the cold weather approaches and the days get shorter the snow birds begin to head south. We have some very important tips as you leave your most valuable possession for the winter. Pleas make sure you have someone watching over it. It needs to be winterized or the heat needs to left at no lower than 65. The oil needs to be on automatic delivery and there should be a contract in place. Vey often we are called out to these homes when someone sees water coming pit of the front door or windows. The damage this causes can be unimaginable. There will likely be mold which may not be covered under a standard insurance policy. There will be flooring and walls and insulation that will require replacement. May times the boilers and washers and dryers area damaged along with any other electrical device. Remember that when their pipes freeze and it runs for a long time the moisture level in the home goes through the roof causing tremendous damage. Many time kitchens and baths require full replacement as well. So as you are getting packed and getting ready to enjoy that Florida sun make sure you have done everything possible to protect your home. We recommend the NEST systems to monitor the heat and home temperature from anywhere and a NEST camera that can allow to view the condition of your home from any smart device. It can really make the difference between a enjoyable winter and a miserable one. Safe travels and if you need us we  are always only a call away. 973-810-2825.


Are you gutters set up properly

6/8/2015 (Permalink)

You don't want your basement to look like this.

Too often we arrive at a basement flooded from ground water and we find the cause is the gutters.  Make sure the gutters take the water away from your home and do not just drop right next to it. If the gutter just ends all that water goes into the ground and wants to get into your house. Also sump pumps need to exhausted to the street or all that water it pumps out will come right back in.