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Dover Hardwood Floors Water Damage

Many homes in the Dover area boast beautiful oaken hardwood floors. When a broken water line floods the surface, it is crucial for rapid extraction to mitigate ... READ MORE

Storm Water Loss In a Commercial Building

Storms not only can affect homes, many businesses are impacted by storms every year. There are tropical storms as well as snow storms, therefore the damages can... READ MORE

Heavy Storm Issues in Stanhope, NJ.

After a heavy snow storm the ceiling and wall entrance of this home was compromised. Our clients knew that water can cause extensive damage to their property. T... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in our Neighborhood

We understand the burden that few hours or days imposed on a business when it needs to be close for reparations. Therefore, every time that we answer a phone ca... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss

A broken pipe in this commercial establishment was the cause of a water loss that compromised the carpet of this place. Our customers left for the day and came ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Byram

The first picture shows the devastating effects that a small fire can have on your kitchen. A regular day that involved dinner time was transformed after the st... READ MORE

Horrific Fire Loss In Andover NJ.

The last thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking about grilling some food and having a nice day with friends and family, is that day ending up in a ... READ MORE

Water Loss in Basement that Compromised the Carpet.

This finished basement got flooded during the night. Our customers acted fast and as soon as they realized what was happening they knew what to do. They called ... READ MORE

Water Loss in Morristown NJ.

What happened in this water loss was that a pipe broke in a room next to the one in the picture and unfortunately the carpet was seriously compromised by the am... READ MORE

Mold Issues in Lake Hopatcong NJ.

In this house the water heater was leaking for an extended period of time without anybody noticing, unfortunately for this client mold grew and the damage was e... READ MORE