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Be a Savvy Dover Business Enterprise with SERVPRO's ERP Mobile App

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Be a Savvy Dover Business Enterprise with SERVPRO's ERP Mobile App SERVPRO Offers the ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to Help Prevent and Mitigate Water and Fire Losses to Your Dover Business

Extreme Weather Patterns Continue Risk of Flood Damage to Unprepared Dover Businesses

When rain and wind storms bear down on Northern New Jersey, Dover businesses can be in the path of significant flooding. The owners and employees of any affected company know all too well the financial stress and worry that accompanies commercial damage from the contaminated water and the tremendous amount of work needed for proper cleanup. Let our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team help you through this difficult time.

Retail establishments, restaurants, office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities are among the commercial enterprises that keep Dover a robust and attractive community. Flood damage to your business affects everyone in the area, limiting the choices for residents and other businesses for as long as you must remain shut down. Nearly 50 percent of businesses that halt or severely curtail the provision of goods or services after flooding risk permanent closure.

SERVPRO has strategies that help keep your business on track even after the flood waters rise. Preparation for the devastation your commercial building might suffer after contaminated waters from overland or flash flooding invade is the key to surviving the crisis. Our Emergency READY Plan and Profile (ERP) is an excellent way to predict how flooding could affect your property, allowing you to adapt to minimize damage in advance.

An ERP also assists our team at SERVPRO to provide you with targeted and effective responses if the worst does occur. When we work with you to develop your personalized plan, we gain vital information about your layout and operations. An experienced project manager visits your site, looking for the strengths and vulnerabilities in your business’s set up. Expect practical pointers to improve outcomes, including suggestions about storage decisions, equipment safeguards, exterior and interior building maintenance tips, and more.

Use our mobile app to give us more details, including contacts for vendors and contractors who designed your systems. Identify SERVPRO as your preferred restoration provider and name agents among your staff, family, or other trusted individuals to act on behalf of you and the company if flooding occurs when you are unavailable.

Businesses served by SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater can rely on our experience, training, and equipment to weather any storm and resulting flood damage. Call us at (973) 810-2825 to set up an ERP consultation or to ask for assistance after a flooding loss.

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Hopatcong House Fire?? Yikes!! Call SERVPRO for Help!

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Hopatcong House Fire?? Yikes!! Call SERVPRO for Help! Kitchen Fires Can Be Prevented--SERVPRO Says Never Leave Cooking Unattended in Your Hopatcong Home

Fire Damage Cleanup in Your Hopatcong Home

Fire safety in your Hopatcong home begins with fire prevention, considering once a fire starts there is very little time to respond. Within just a moment or two, the blaze can become life-threatening. It is therefore essential that you and your family know what to do if a fire breaks out. Working smoke alarms on each level and enclosed rooms of your home are very important and are the first step to fire safety.
If your family has been unfortunate enough to experience a fire and fire damage in your Hopatcong home, it is sure to be something you don’t ever forget. To help you forget in some ways, SERVPRO is always here to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. As a professional remediation company, we have the training and tools to restore your home to the way it was, whenever possible.
You should also create an escape plan which outlines various routes of escape from each room of your home in the event of an emergency. Once you have a strategy in place, practice it as a family to make sure that everyone in your household knows how to get out of the house if a fire were to occur. Be sure to have fire extinguishers in easy to reach places, especially the garage and kitchen.
With some smoke conditions, SERVPRO staff may be able to use mechanical action to remove the residues without applying a cleaning product. Light concentrations of smoke particles that are not greasy, as produced from a dry smoke, can be cleanable from nonporous surfaces. These mechanical actions make only mild agitation and are safe to use on almost all surfaces.
We can use a feather duster to remove residues on furniture with hard surfaces. Paint brushes of various sizes are suitable for brushing residues from ornamental or decorative areas of hard surface furniture. A vacuum can take heavy deposits of loose smoke particles and smoke webs off of ceiling and wall surfaces. We use a cleaning brush attachment to agitate the residues from the surface. Compressed air blows loose residues from electronic equipment with regulated compressed air. We are careful to control the amount of air pressure that we apply. For significant fire loss, we recommend having an electronics company deal with the cleaning of the devices.
Other things you can do for the safety of your home is regularly servicing your heating system to make sure it is working right and keeping your clothes dryer free of lint. Be careful as well not to overload any circuits and supervise your cooking closely.
SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater understands that sometimes fires can still happen, so when your home in Oak Ridge, Byram, or Mt. Arlington has suffered from a fire incident, we are here to help. Call us at (973) 810-2825 as soon as the flames are extinguished so we can get to you and help you restore your home as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."

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Dover Homeowners Appreciate Post-Flood Content Preservation Done by SERVPRO

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dover Homeowners Appreciate Post-Flood Content Preservation Done by SERVPRO SERVPRO Has the Equipment and Skills to Restore Your Flood Damaged Home in Dover While Protecting Your Contents in a Pack-Out

What Happens to Flood Damaged Items in Your Dover Home?

It can be challenging to contend with flooding in your Dover home, especially when it comes with considerable structural concerns. With multiple symptoms and effects to face, most homeowners can appreciate their need for professional restoration technicians to work quickly to protect property as best as they can. What many of these same homeowners do not realize is that with teams like ours, structural recovery is only the beginning to the work that we do to restore your home and your life after a flood emergency.

A property is much more than building materials and space, and when flood damage occurs in your Dover home, you can start to appreciate the various items and contents within that now become at risk for irreparable damages. The belongings within your house can easily become ruined by standing and rising waters, especially when that water comes with the threat of contamination and bacteriological concerns. Our SERVPRO professionals responding to the emergency can work to protect these items with our pack-out process.

With the initial assessment of the property when our mitigation team arrives at your address, our contents department can walk through the home as well and earmark belongings, furniture, and other items for removal and storage off-site. There are many steps that these possessions undergo once they reach our SERVPRO facility, and it can prepare them for their later return to your restored residence.

First and foremost, our team works to dry out damaged belongings removed from the house to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from taking root. In some cases, antimicrobial agents must get introduced to make surfaces uninhabitable for mold spores in the environment. Additionally, deodorization and disinfection are conventional approaches before these items go into storage in our controlled-climate facility.

While you might think that restoration is all about bringing your home back to pre-flood condition, there are more steps than many homeowners realize. You can count on the experience and advanced techniques of our SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater professionals to make flood damage “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (973) 810-2825.

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Our Experts Can Safeguard Your Dover Home After A Water Damage Incident

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Experts Can Safeguard Your Dover Home After A Water Damage Incident If there is water loss in your home, contact SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 to handle the damage.

Get Professional Water Damage Repair In Dover To Safeguard Your Home

Dishwasher leaks are a common cause of water damage in homes. Your dishwasher can leak because of several reasons, including a worn-out gasket, loose connections, improper installation, a faulty door or a defective tub. A leaky dishwasher can damage your kitchen floor and surrounding structures.

When a leaking dishwasher has caused water to pool in your home, it is critical to seek help from a reputable water damage restoration firm like SERVPRO. We can provide you with prompt water damage repair for your Dover residence. When we arrive at your home, we can begin the process of water cleanup almost immediately after assessing the affected areas.

When a dishwasher leaks, the water spreads through the surrounding kitchen cabinets and drywall, underneath floors, and to the carpeting or hardwood floor in your living room if the water loss is significant. We can use an infrared camera to inspect your dishwasher and surrounding walls, floors, and baseboards for water damage. After our inspection, we can provide you with a detailed report and estimate of our services before beginning to clean up, fix, and restore your home from water loss.

Our technicians can use wet/dry vacuums to extract the standing water and then dry the affected areas. We can perform necessary repairs to your floors, walls, or cabinets to restore your home to its normal condition. Our certified technicians abide by the highest carpet and hardwood floor restoration standards. We can repair any kind of flooring and restore it to its preloss condition. Our goal is to make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.”

Once we repair the structure and contents, we perform the final cleaning. We then perform the final inspections, remove all the equipment from the job site, and then put all the contents back in place. Our SERVPRO technicians can keep you updated on the water removal and cleanup project at every step. As part of the restoration process, we provide you with the information your insurance provider requires and assist you to file your insurance claim.

If there is water loss in your home, contact SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825 to handle the damage. We are restoration specialists and can tackle jobs of any size. We serve several local communities, including Hopatcong, Jefferson, and Stanhope.

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The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Hopatcong

4/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Hopatcong Should your bed and breakfast suffer from water damage, making the call to SERVPRO is critical to your remediation success. Call right away.

SERVPRO - Commercial Water Cleanup Actions For Hopatcong Businesses

Located just North of I-80 and along the lake that bears its name, Hoptacong is a carefully planned, growing town that balances the needs of the local community against a growing reputation as an excellent bed and breakfast location. Keeping those businesses open is vital for everyone.

For a bed and breakfast, commercial water cleanup in Hopatcong has to happen fast to check in the next guest. SERVPRO specialists can remove and clean up the effects of water flooding across the floor, regardless if it is from a faulty sprinkler or a broken pipe in an upstairs bathroom.

After removing the water, one of our primary concerns for a home business is to preserve the wood floors. If the water is out of a backed up toilet, we also have to remove any human waste and clean the floorboards with an anti-bacterial agent to ensure there is no health risk. In most cases though, the water is clean, and our technicians’ concerns are to dry the floors.

SERVPRO specialists start with a content meter to determine the amount of moisture trapped in and around the floorboards. If the percentage is very high, that indicates there is also water pooled in the sub-floor. To find and eliminate it, they lift a floorboard usually under a piece of furniture and insert a hose attached to a small pump.

To draw out the above-trapped water, we use a combination of air movers, exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers. The air movers force warm, dry air across surfaces to push out moisture into the surrounding air. The exhaust fans pull it out with the damp air, or the dehumidifiers capture and draw it out of the air to increase the rate of evaporation, so the wood dries without cracking or splitting.

As long as the water is clean, team members can clean and dry carpets and area rugs. Even if they were vacuumed right before the water disaster has some dirt and other contaminants in it. Our commercial-grade shampooers are far superior to any device available for rent at a retail outlet. The device forces the cleaner into the fibers, agitates it, and then rinses and removes the cleaner, dirt, and water so the carpet or rug can dry.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater is to help our fellow business owner reopen to support local customers and tourists. If you need our expertise, call (973) 810-2825 today to get started.

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When A Flood Strikes Your Dover Home, Call Our Experts At SERVPRO Right Away!

4/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When A Flood Strikes Your Dover Home, Call Our Experts At SERVPRO Right Away! For expert inspection and solutions to property, damages contact SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825.

Scoping Flood Damage For A More Efficient Service In Dover

When we think of flooding the first thing that comes to mind is external — natural weather events like heavy rainfall, storms, road overflow or flash flooding. However, flooding can be caused by many other issues internal to the home. If there are issues with an attic water tank, HVAC system or second-floor plumbing, then water can quickly flood the home requiring emergency assistance from an experienced service provider.

We can provide expert IICRC certificate holders to help residents with flood damage in Dover. One of the first things your SERVPRO technician can use their expertise for when arriving on site is conducting a visual inspection, also known as scoping the property. This process may seem time-consuming, especially when there is water around your ankles, but scoping is an essential part of delivering an efficient service.

The scoping procedure involves checking to make sure ceilings are not loaded with water. Equally, shutting off electrical shock hazards and checking subfloors to see how much water has been absorbed. We start from the source of moisture and work outwards using moisture meters to detect where water may have migrated to as well as making a note of different materials that could be a source of damage.

Once a thorough assessment is complete we can then bring in the correct equipment, tailoring it to your property and possessions. Water extraction units combine heating elements with vacuum power and specialize in removing excess moisture. These are effective in combating pooling without risking damages to your structural contents.

If, during the scoping procedure, there is a discovery of excess water beneath your subfloor, underneath fittings or inside wall spaces SERVPRO can deploy specialty drying equipment. Injectidry systems involve drilling small holes at the base of walls to allow a current of hot air to be passed through. We can refill and repaint these holes afterward. However, the process is essential to ensuring your home is thoroughly dry, “Like it never even happened.”

For expert inspection and solutions to property, damages contact SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater at (973) 810-2825.

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Our IICRC Trained Professionals Are Ready To Restore Your Hopatcong Home

4/2/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our IICRC Trained Professionals Are Ready To Restore Your Hopatcong Home We have the equipment and experience to handle water damage in your home. Call us right away we are available 24/7 for all your restoration needs.

Fast, Professional Results are Why SERVPRO is the Solution to Water Damage in Hopatcong

Every year, one out of every 50 homes has a water loss claim according to the Insurance Information Institute. A number of those homes are likely to be in Hopatcong, and the way you respond if yours is among them can significantly affect the outcome of any restoration efforts. A lineup of IICRC trained technicians, state of the art equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction is why our services offer a superior result.

Water damage in Hopatcong occurs due to a broad range of circumstances. Storms and accidents that destroy the integrity of your home’s structure can allow water to invade through roofs, windows, and siding. Tiny cracks to big breaks in pipes or loose connections let fresh or wastewater soak into structural components or contents. Spills and overflows or appliance malfunctions can flood areas of your home. Sewers back up and send foul liquids into lower levels. Each type of damage has its challenges, and our experience and knowledge are why we can respond most effectively.

Contamination of the water that damages your home potentially exposes your family to pathogens, chemicals, and other noxious substances. Evaluation of the category of water is crucial in planning for extraction and drying. Our team completes comprehensive training concerning contamination, which is why SERVPRO is best positioned to contain and discard the water safely and according to applicable regulations.

Even relatively clean water is immediately destructive to most building materials, dissolving cellulose-based wallboard and ceiling tiles and causing wood floors, trim, and cabinets to swell, warp, and buckle. We are Faster to any size disaster, explaining why SERVPRO crews are available 24/7. The earlier we arrive, the more likely we can salvage water saturated materials by removing standing water and using commercial-grade equipment to dry structural components and fixtures. Fast removal and rapid drying help avoid secondary damage such as mold growth and offensive odors which complicate and raise the cost of the restoration process.

Responsiveness and quality of outcomes are two of many reasons why SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater should be your first call for water damage assistance. Call us at (973) 810-2825 for round the clock help with any water emergency.

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SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster to Help Our Dover Neighbors with Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster to Help Our Dover Neighbors with Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration SERVPRO Says to Dover Area Residents--Be Prepared for Storm Season

Be Prepared for a Hurricane Or a Tropical Storm in Dover

After Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle, on October 7, 2018, we all understood the importance of taking Mother Nature seriously and being prepared. Preparation is the key survival technique that we all need to acquire to keep our families and pets protected. With multiple dangerous storms and hurricanes approaching the country, this is the year to learn how to be safe and what are some of the steps that we need to follow in case of this type of emergency. Some important recommendations to consider are:

All Dover homeowner should gird up for storm damage. Protect your home: Make sure to reinforce your windows, roof, doors and garage doors (a good idea is to board up the house). If possible trim damage trees or remove limbs that could affect your property. Also, make sure to remove any items from your backyard that has the potential to become a safety hazard and hit your home during the storm. Finally, if it is possible to purchase a portable generator that you can safely use after the storm.

Prepare a disaster kit: It is important to get all the supplies necessary for you and your family ahead of time. The anxiety created before the storm can make it difficult to find the items that you may need if you wait too long (all the supermarkets will have empty shelves.) Make sure you store enough food and water for at least three days, a flashlight with extra batteries, a portable (battery) radio, a first-aid kit, extra cash, any prescription medication, personal sanitation supplies, and remember your pets. Also, remember that SERVPRO is close at hand, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Determine where to go: Your local officials can provide enough information about where to go in case you are ordered to evacuate. Take the time to know the evacuation routes and have a plan in place if your family needs to go. Remember to get your car ready as well, keep a full gas tank, blankets and extra clothes in it, and the car in generally good condition. SERVPRO strongly advises only to store extra gas in approved containers.

Other recommendations: Ensure that your electronic devices are fully charged, make copies of any important documents, check with your insurance company to have proper coverage, and if possible make an inventory with pictures of your belongings in case you have to file a claim later. Use that thumb drive for future reference.

Our team can be ready to assist you after a storm by calling (973) 810-2825. SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater can work hard to restore your property, "Like it never even happened."

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Yes, Lightning Can Strike Your Dover Home--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Yes, Lightning Can Strike Your Dover Home--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration Lightning Strikes Out in Dover When SERVPRO Come to the Plate for Cleanup and Restoration

Fires and Damages Caused by Lightning in Dover

Lightning may not strike your home more than once, but that is sufficient to create havoc. Hazardous conditions can put your family at risk along with property damage.

One element that could cause damages and even a fire in your Dover home is lightning. If your house suffers a strike, you should call your fire department, and be concerned about the damages even if you do not see them right the way. Stay away from electrical appliances for starters. Lightning poses the following three important hazards to consider:

Power Surge Damage: Say goodbye to most of your electronic devices if they were connected. If lightning hits home and it chooses the electrical wiring as its path, the explosion could damage most if not all the appliances that are connected. The damage to the electrical system can be substantial. SERVPRO recommends proceeding with caution.

Fire Damage: One of the biggest fears, when a house is hit by lightning, is the possibility of starting a fire. Most houses are built with flammable materials, which makes it the perfect environment for a flare-up after a strike. Most of those fires start either in the roof or in the attic.

 Explosive Shock Wave: The waves created by lightning can be destructive. In many cases, these waves can cause damages to stone, brick, and concrete, not to mention your ears. Structural damage can be a dangerous result requiring cleanup from a professional outfit like SERVPRO. Shattered glass, destruction to chimneys, and cracks in the foundation of your property can be the results demanding immediate attention.

Besides caring about the physical destruction of your property you should understand that even though it is not common, it is possible to receive an injury from lightning while in your house. Therefore if there is a storm that involves lightning your best bet is to stay away from any pipes or wiring that can be used as a path for the lightning. For example, you should avoid taking showers, using a computer, appliances, and a land phone line.

There is a high potential of a fire starting because of lightning, therefore if your house has been affected by one do not hesitate and contact your fire department. Consider a professional electrician to check your breaker panels and wiring.

Use your cellphone to contact SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater for any kind of property damage resulting from storm, water, wind, fire, or even lightning. We can make you feel "Like it never even happened." (973) 810-2825

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Don't Let Water Damage Wreck Your Dover Business

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don't Let Water Damage Wreck Your Dover Business This is the beginning of water damage. Don't let this progress, call SERVPRO today.

What to Do When Your Industrial Dishwasher Causes Water Damage in Your Dover Diner

The last thing any business owner wants is for water damage to interrupt their hours of operation. In the case of your diner, the industrial dishwasher malfunctioned and began to leak water into your small kitchen throughout the night. When you arrived in the early morning, to begin prepping your diner for service, you discovered the water in the kitchen that had been sitting overnight. While you can clean up the water that is laying on top of the tile flooring, you cannot account for how much has already been absorbed and therefore should not ignore the problem.
Leaving the water damage unchecked inside your Dover diner can cause further damages to your property. The longer that excess moisture sits unchallenged, the more likely it is that mold damage can begin to form. Mold is caused when mold spores are exposed to moisture for a prolonged period. While the floor of your diner may seem dry after mopping up the water, it probably isn't. The water had plenty of time to soak into the base of the floor overnight.
Getting professional help to your property as quickly as possible lessens the chances of mold forming, or for unsightly cracks to appear in the tile. Here at SERVPRO, we believe in working by your schedule and coming as soon as possible to your property after your initial call. We understand that your time is valuable and we can work whenever it suits you, through the day or night.
When our SERVPRO techs arrive at your diner, they can begin remediating the water damage on your property promptly. Our technicians are IICRC-certified and have been trained excellently, ensuring they can always select the best solution for the damages on your property.
First, SERVPRO can begin with setting up dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, and drying mats, blasting the area with fresh and dry air. We can ensure that dry air is getting to every nook and cranny that the water may have run to during the leak. Once we're sure the floor is adequately dry, SERVPRO can use thermal imaging technology to make sure that no pockets of water have gone unnoticed.
If faulty equipment causes water damage on your property, always get help as soon as possible. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater by phoning (973) 810-2825. We can always work when it is best for you.

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