Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Room with hardwood floors and SERVPRO drying equipment

Water and Fire Damage Gets Help in Mount Olive Township Home

The water created more issues than the fire damage in this Mount Olive Township living room. SERVPRO techs got faced with the tasks of both extracting the water drying the wood floorboards and also addressing the significant smoke damage on the walls to restore the home to its pre-fire condition.

SERVPRO technicians cleaning away smoke damage on window and walls in a home

Sparta Fire Damage Cleanup

When it comes to fire damage, the smoke left behind on walls creates just as much of a problem as ceilings and other surfaces require cleaning. SERVPRO technicians test smoke residues and use the appropriate cleaners to remove the smoke damage and leave the surfaces clean and odor-free. 

Dover Extreme Fire Damage Clean Up

One of the cornerstone restoration services provided by SERVPRO is fire damage demolition and cleanup. Our outstanding team can relieve your stress by quickly removing the bad memories of a fire while battling the offensive, pungent odors. We can bag and discard the debris from your Dover home, place hydroxyl generators and then foggers to restore viable indoor air quality. Don't despair from the shock of a devastating house fire--call SERVPRO for help.

Fire Loss in Hackettstown, NJ.

This was an extensive fire loss, we explained to our customers how we were going to proceed and once we did that we started the remediation process. We started our cleaning process and tried to salvage as many sentimental and valuable possession as we could. A fire loss is a difficult situation to deal with and we understand that. Therefore, we try our best to help you and assist as many of your needs as we can. We have the equipment, the highly-trained technicians, and the knowledge to help you if you ever need us for a situation like this.

Fire Loss Netcong, NJ.

This picture represents the sad truth of the damage that a fire loss imposed on a family's property. It is a picture of how what it seems to be a small fire can become a large life altering experience in just a few minutes. Today we are happy to tell you that no one got hurt during this incident and that we helped this family as much as we could trough the recovery process. That day, once we got the call we went to the site as soon possible to start the boarding up process and to start trying to assess which items could be salvaged. Even though we wish that no one has to go through a situation like this, we want to remind you that if you ever need us we are here. We are available 24/7, just give us a call and we will be there 973-810-2825.

Fire Loss

Oven fire. This type of damage can happened in any home and our customers know that they can call us to fix it. When this family suffered through this incident in their kitchen, they called us, and in no time we cleaned it up. We understand our client's needs and we were there to make sure that their home was a clean and safe place for their family.

Smoke Damage

Smoke can cause a lot of harm to your property. In this case, this kitchen was affected by smoke caused by a fire. SERVPRO of Dover/Stillwater has the equipment and the qualified personnel to take care of this kind of damage. We cleaned this kitchen and made sure that it was impeccable before we left. Another great job where our customer's satisfaction was our top priority.

Dover Area Smoke & Fire Cleanup

The Photo illustrates the fine work done by our SERVPRO FSRT fire & smoke restoration technicians after a minor fire in a Dover area home. No stains, no odors--"Like it never even happened." Now you know who to call for help.

Puff Back Loss

We cleaned it all. Every single item was cleaned after this job was done. There were multiple items that needed special treatment and we dedicated our time and resources to make sure that this place was spotless when we left. Our customer was amazed to see the results and the quality of our job.

Cleaning A Puff Back.

Once we got to this site we knew that we had to clean every item without exceptions. Our team of professionals took good care of this family. We stayed there until we were done and at the end we made it "Like it never even happened." We would be honored to do the same for your family should you ever need us.