What our Customers say...


I lost my wife almost a year ago. Then in August my house caught fire while I was sleeping and I almost died in that fire but a neighbor saved me. the house was devastated I woke up and was in complete smoke and lost everything. John and Andrea showed up with sneakers, pants, shirts socks and underwear. It is amazing how much that can mean to you. The pants were a little big but John gave me the belt he was wearing to try to make me feel more human again. Then we assessed the home and everything was black and damaged. All the memories with my wife gone just like that. John started to remove things and got his crew to remove things he thought he could save. I thought no way it is black. But he proved me wrong he saved photos and priceless knick knacks that we purchased together. He saved my grandmothers hutch and restored so looked liked it did when I was a kid. Prices heirlooms to me he was able to save. Amazing people and company they really have heart. Only company I would call thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.

From the moment I spoke with them I was comforted. John was pleasant and reassuring over the phone and within 30 minutes he was at my home helping me. He brought biscuits for my dog and me get situated. He then assessed the home and advised what needed to happen next and relayed that to my insurance company. He helped he find a place to stay and did a great job cleaning the home. You can not tell anything happened when he was done it actually looks better now than it did before the fire. Could not recommend them more it felt like family was with me.

I called the company and Spoke to John Blehl, the owner of the company. John offered to come to my house within 15 minutes. When he showed up, I immediately felt a sense of relief. He explained what had happened, he helped me to find people to fix the immediate and attendant problems and told me that he would assist me in every way. He was true to his word.

Great Job. They came out on a Sunday and worked hard for hours to make sure it was clean and safe for my family. They worked closely with my insurance company to make sure we did not owe anything other than our deductible. Great experience.

The team was very professional and fast service. Came out at 9 pm and worked till 2 am and then were back at 8 am the following morning to finish. Worked with our carrier so nothing additional was out of pocket and the place was super clean when they left. There was extensive damage to our condo on 2 floors but seemed a easy task for these guys.

We had a sewer backup, which resulted in extensive mold growth. It was very bad throughout our basement. John and Jose were awesome. They set up containment so nothing could make it to the higher levels of the home and kept our family safe. They cleaned in special suits for 3 days and when done it was spotless. We cannot thank them enough. They were great with our kids too even brought them huge coloring books.

John and Jose were great. They came out discussed what needed to be done wrote an estimate and began the work. Our dishwasher let water loose in the kitchen and into the basement and they knew just where to look to find hidden water. They cleaned everything and made sure it was safe for my kids and me before they would leave. They truly cared about our situation and us. Highly recommend.

I now live in Colorado and was selling my house in Byram. I found out my boiler leaked and there was water throughout the basement, and called SERVPRO of Dover Stillwater and they were awesome. They cleaned everything and were able to coordinate everything for me while I was hundreds of miles away. I was able to breathe easy knowing they were taking care of it and sending video and photos to keep me informed along the way. What a great team.

We had a sewer back up at my rental home. I called SERVPRO of Dover / Stillwater and they came out in a snowstorm to help me. They cleaned everything and made my tenant feel safe and secure that it was truly clean and safe for them. Which was great since it was the day before Thanksgiving. Prices were fair and reasonable. John and Jose were both very professional.

John and Jose were awesome. What my carrier originally thought of as a denial, they were able to convince the carrier to cover. We were able to fix everything because of how they worked and documented everything. They called our adjustor explained the damage and cause and sent him video and because of that he was willing to cover it all. We cannot thank them enough we saved thousands of out of pocket costs by using them and the work they did was top notch.

Needed the carpets cleaned after a party and SERVPRO of Dover Stillwater came in and gave a reasonable estimate and timeframe. They completed on time and no additional. I had hired another company before off a mailer flyer and the price that was on the flyer somehow doubled by the time they were done. Not here I paid what was quoted and it was super professional. They even put down a Scotcguard for no extra charge my wife was thrilled since we have two little ones. Highly recommend this company.

Great job, Great team.

all 10's great team professional job.

Worked with my carrier and me to help get the claim resolved. Great job. Came back out to answer questions no charge just great people. would heavily recommend.

We spent 2 years arguing with a insurance company to get coverage for a sewer backup that we could not afford to clean on our own. We met John the owner through another claim at our house and he made 2 calls to our insurance company and we were covered and he cleaned up everything. The place looks great and we could not be happier he saved us.

A burst steam pipe ruined my unit. Originally my carrier did not want to pay for my move out which was going to be thousands. They denied me three times. John the owner called and spoke with the adjustor and all of a sudden it was covered and he was there the next day to save all of my items. I cannot thank him enough. He has such great contacts and knowledge of the claim process. He is also so very nice.

We had a issue in the basement and we are a busy building in a busy area. They were respectful to my customers and my time. They worked with me and explained the process and were as discreet as possible. Great company.

We had a sewer back up a while ago and could not get coverage we were denied a few times. John came out and inspected and contacted the adjustor who agreed to cover the damages on the spot. We would have been out thousands of dollars if John had not helped us out.

We own a food shop in a strip mall and the floor drains had sewage coming up through them. We had to close and called SERVPRO of Dover Stillwater and they came out within minutes. they got someone to clear the lines and cleaned up the mess. We were able to open the next day and lost very little business because they were able to help us.

We were away in Florida and we had a major issue in our home in Sparta. We had 41 pipe leaks that caused extensive damage to every floor of our home. John and Andrea were amazing they came out immediately and were in touch with us while we were making the drive advising what was happening providing photos of the damage and explaining the entire process. They worked directly with our insurance carrier and made it painless for us. .