Recent Before & After Photos

Burst Water Pipe in Hackettstown, NJ

In Hackettstown, NJ, a home had a water pipe burst in the kitchen over night while they slept.  It flooded the whole downstairs.  They are an older co... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Stanhope, NJ

One day, in the early morning hours, this family in Stanhope, NJ woke up to the sound of water very close to them.  When they went to find the source of th... READ MORE

Water Damage in Stanhope, NJ

This family’s basement in Stanhope NJ, had water damage to it due to a broken water pipe.  This family was not home for a few days.  As soon as ... READ MORE

Storm damage in Byram, NJ

This family’s home in Byram, NJ suffered damages due to the extensive rain that we have had in the last few weeks.  One day when the family came home... READ MORE

Mold Take Over in Stillwater, NJ

This mold was a whole house take over in, Stillwater, NJ.   The owners of this house are snowbirds; they live in Florida for the winter and the summer... READ MORE

Mold growth in attic in Flander, NJ

Water leak lead to findings of mold growth in an attic in Flanders, NJ.  A customer found a leak coming from the attic.  When we arrived, we went up t... READ MORE

Puff Back in Blairstown, NJ

This is a Puff Back that happened in Blairstown, NJ.  It was a gas fireplace where the fake logs failed to ignite properly and caused the puff back to trav... READ MORE

Water Damage in Flanders, NJ

In this Commercial water damage in Flanders, NJ, water flooded about 5 separate units in this building.  It was the result of a busted pipe, so each unit h... READ MORE

Kitchen fire in Byram Township, NJ

This kitchen fire in Byram Township, NJ had totally consumed the stove, above vent, and cabinets.  Soot was forced all throughout the house.   We... READ MORE

Boiler leak in Boonton Township, NJ

This boiler room leak in Boonton Township, NJ was a category 2 water loss that happened after hours.  The water damage that happened in the finished baseme... READ MORE